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Equipment Training Overview

Systek provides operation and maintenance training for the wide range of communications equipment fielded by our government customers. Since 2007, the training professionals and instructors on our staff have prepared over 10,000 soldiers, government civilians, and contractor personnel to use this equipment effectively in the performance of their missions.

Our overall training repertoire includes the following services to aid our customers in the efficient deployment of sophisticated, state-of-the-art systems and equipment.

  • Development of new courses based upon a broad knowledge of the equipment and systems being fielded, including engineering, software, manufacturing and logistics processes
  • Preparation and teaching of courses for virtually any satellite, radio, or baseband communications equipment in the DoD inventory that our customers may assign
  • Thorough and lucid training documentation, visual aids, and other training material
  • Effective professional training for military operators and key personnel
  • Support for demonstrations, exercises, and briefings associated with our areas of expertise

Addressing Challenges

Systek provides training support in a variety of venues, contingencies, and operational scenarios to meet the special needs of our customers.

  • Training is required at military facilities throughout the world, including remote locations
  • Training may be required on very short notice to support contingency operations, including responses to natural disasters and operational emergencies
  • Continually-evolving systems necessitate frequent updates to training courses
  • Pressing equipment deployment schedules and tight budgets require well integrated and synchronized course development processes

Systek Capabilities

  • Systek’s technically-adept instructors rapidly assimilate the intricacies of advanced technologies and systems. Trainers also keep pace with evolutionary equipment upgrades.
  • Instructors work with Systek’s professional engineering staff to overcome any technical hurdles affecting course preparation and execution.
  • Our staff is thoroughly acquainted with the many published DoD and Service training regulations, processes, procedures and policies. We are in tune with the latest directives and apply them effectively to assure a quality and compliant training outcome.
    Instructors address both the equipment at hand and the full gamut of material fielding activities, including site coordination, planning, and mission support.
  • We work cooperatively with the service training institutions, especially the Army Signal School at Fort Gordon, to assist them in developing their curricula.
  • Systek is ready to satisfy requirements in any part of the world. We are flexible and adaptable in foreign venues, unique scenarios, and harsh conditions that may arise.
  • Our training staff is prepared to handle the full range of management, administrative, and logistics tasks associated with the execution of an effective training program. We plan carefully, prepare thoroughly, and execute efficiently, making optimum use of the government’s limited resources.
  • Many of our instructors have military training experience and are equipped with impressive resumes, all the necessary certifications, and conduct extensive preparation for their assignments. They are cognizant of the human factors and psychology of effective presentation, and are proud of the continuing positive feedback from their students over the years.
  • We apply the principles of continual process improvement to ensure that our training products meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and the Warfighter that we serve.

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