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Systems Engineering

Systems engineering consists of these main functions:

  • Identify and quantify system goals
  • Create alternative system design concepts
  • Performance and design alternative assessments
  • Select and implement the best design
  • Verify that the design is built and properly integrated in accordance with specifications
  • Assess how well the system meets the goals

Systek engineers perform all of these functions at a high level to aid our customers in achieving mission critical goals.

Addressing Challenges

Systek employs its problem-solving methodology to address challenges in systems engineering. Along the way, we work to:

  • Define Requirements

    Transform your operational needs into performance requirements and a design concept through an iterative process of definition, synthesis, design, evaluation, and analysis.

  • Ensure Compatibility

    Analyze and integrate the related technical parameters of your program to ensure the compatibility of all physical, functional, and program interfaces in a manner that optimizes the total solution.

Systek Capabilities

  • People with experience

    The Systek team includes former military personnel, engineers with decades of experience in many diverse areas of the electronics and communications industries, and satellite pioneers who were active in the Sputnik era.

  • Handling sensitive and classified information

    Virtually all of our employees hold SECRET clearances, at minimum, and we regularly work on programs with rigid security constraints. Our facilities are certified to store classified information and we are comfortable with this special responsibility.

  • Information assurance

    Systek is adept at meeting the challenges of cyber-security. Our engineers understand the rules, know how to conduct the required tests and scans, and are responsive to the ever-changing threat environment.

  • Corporate knowledge and deep historical perspective

    Our corporate and historic knowledge of the DoD communications world resides in our considerable library archives and in the collective experiences of our technical staff. As we stride toward the future, we are continually mindful of prior triumphs and pratfalls as we chart our course.

  • Up-to-date tools

    Systek is well equipped with the latest computers, software, and communications systems, always ready to interface with counterpart government systems for a smooth and effective flow of information.

  • Mobility

    Our engineers are prepared to support installation, testing, and trouble-shooting requirements wherever they occur. “Have Passport, Will Travel!”

  • Trusted agent

    On numerous programs, the government has designated the Systek team as the “trusted agent” to oversee supplier performance. Our integrity in this regard is unquestioned by the agencies we support and the suppliers we monitor.

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