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Failure to completely plan all aspects of a new program could result in your receiving exactly what you asked for-but not what you wanted.

Systek assists its Government customers with the acquisition of equipment and services, including some programs valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. Our staff—with an extensive legacy of government, military, and industrial experience—adheres to these basic principles to help the customer realize the best possible return on each purchase:

  • Provide sound technical advice and assistance over the entire range of engineering disciplines
  • Strive for an optimum balance of cost and performance to yield best value
  • Verify that products meet all specified performance and quality requirements
  • Ensure that products and services will be delivered when the customer needs them
  • Comply strictly with all established acquisition policies, protocols, and regulations
  • Honor, with ethics and integrity, the trust the customer has extended to us

Addressing Challenges

Systek helps customers execute successful acquisition programs in the face of unprecedented challenges, including:

  • Severe budgetary limitations and uncertainties (facing all government agencies)
  • Extensive displacements of organizations and facilities (including BRAC relocations)
  • Staffing shortages and loss of experienced acquisition professionals
  • Profusion of new rules, regulations, and policies that must be accommodated
  • Rapidly evolving technologies that outpace the processes needed to acquire them

Systek Capabilities

  • Extensive Experience

    Systek’s technical staff includes many former government officials (including contracting officer’s representatives) and former program managers from the corporate world. We understand the issues and dilemmas that our customers face daily.

  • Engineering Expertise

    Our engineers know how to translate complex operational communications requirements into lucid specification documents that stand the test of time in ensuing procurements. We thoroughly understand the suppliers’ proposals and technical reports and are able to use them as a basis for recommending effective acquisition strategies.

  • Historical Perspective

    Regardless of the product or service acquired, we have people who have “been there before” and who understand the evolution of the technology involved and the related procurement history.

  • Financial Management

    Systek financial experts are adept at all levels of the budgeting process and experienced in managing the financial aspects of current programs, including the often-mandated earned value management process.

  • Regulation Knowledge

    The Systek team is thoroughly familiar with the continually changing landscape of federal acquisition regulations, DoD standards, directives, and guidelines. Our customers can be confident that their programs will pass through the regulatory hurdles smoothly.

  • Documentation

    Systek can prepare virtually all the documentation that customers need to execute efficient acquisition programs. We also maintain an extensive archive of current and past program documents—a legacy of valuable information and “lessons learned” that can be applied to new initiatives.

  • Source Selection

    The Systek technical staff has, for many years, engaged in the gamut of DoD source selection activities, from market research to active participation in proposal evaluation teams. With impartial insight, we help to guide the entire process, culminating in effective, manageable contracts.

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