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Come work with highly skilled people in a great corporate culture.


Find out why Systek is an expert and reliable project partner.


We offer a range of convenient contract vehicles.

Systek has the experience to deliver success as a trusted team member throughout mission-critical projects, from inception to completion.


Systek’s corporate DNA revolves around two simple concepts: “the customer’s mission is Systek’s mission” and “failure is not an option”. At Systek these phrases are a way of life.

We are a proven C4ISR contractor serving both defense and civilian agencies, most notably performing in a SETA capacity. Our expertise and the experience with which it is applied create game-changing opportunities for our customers. The proof: highly satisfied customers who trust us time and again with repeat business and recommend us to others in need of our abilities.

Systek is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The Systek quality program concentrates on providing customers with exceptional, high quality services. To this end, we employ our resources in an efficient and cost effective manner to provide services that meet or exceed customer requirements.  We are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through vigorous innovation and constant improvement of our business processes.  

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Inadequate acquisition planning can easily result in downstream delays and expensive scope changes to provide what should have been specified to begin with.

Systek can assist you in all of the technical aspects of an acquisition.