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Testing and Evaluation

Systek shares our customer’s passion for supplying reliable and capable equipment to the Warfighters. The testing and evaluation process verifies that the product or service specified delivers the performance and quality required. This ensures that the customer’s mission objectives are satisfied.

Whether the units being tested are small components or large systems, we serve our customer with a full range of testing services, including:

  • Design tests based on a thorough technical understanding of the equipment being tested
  • Conduct detailed hands-on testing in software and all hardware realms from direct current to optical frequencies
  • Conduct and monitor DIACAP Information Assurance certification tests
  • Write test plans, procedures, and reports
  • Manage major test programs, including the direction of test teams
  • Guide and monitor supplier acceptance tests and assess supplier test results
  • Diagnose and resolve technical problems at worldwide operational facilities
  • Assess and analyze outcomes of government-conducted tests
  • Recommend acceptance and “buy” decisions, based upon test results

Addressing Challenges

Testing is always a tradeoff between resource availability, the risk-level the customer is willing to accept, and the time available to complete the assessment. Systek test engineers help the customer balance these factors while being mindful of these potential impediments:

  • Evolving standards and success criteria
  • Continually changing missions and threats
  • Shortage of experienced test technicians
  • Testing laboratory relocations
  • Remote testing sites and difficult environments throughout the world

Systek Capabilities

  • Test Management

    We effectively budget, allocate, and schedule test resources (people and equipment) to achieve the most thorough evaluation possible. Furthermore, we thoroughly document every aspect of our testing responsibilities in plans, procedures, and reports.

  • Engineering Depth and Versatility

    Our engineers thoroughly understand the intricacies of the systems being tested and the nature of the missions for which they will be used. The tests they design, recommend, and monitor verify every nuance of performance, identify potential points of failure, and seek to duplicate the scenarios that future operators will experience.

  • Historical Perspective

    Systek engineers—many with former military, Government, and industrial experience—have been conducting and managing tests of satellite communications equipment since that technology was introduced in the 1960s. We are also adept at testing a wide range of other communications systems, weapons systems, and electronic equipment.

  • Thoroughness

    Our test engineers do not tolerate short-cuts, assumptions, or incomplete testing regimes. We ensure that every aspect of performance is verified, every “shall” in the specification is addressed, and every part of the test procedure is properly executed and certified.

  • Testing Integrity

    We always strive for a thorough and fair assessment of mission equipment, recognizing that our published reports, reviews, and recommendations impact our reputation and that of our customers.

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