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Who We Are


Recognizing Your Needs

Our military clients face many challenges: uncertain budgets, complex laws and regulations, organizational displacements, and staffing turbulence. But they must deliver effective communications products and services to the warfighter, no matter what.

Shared Mission

Systek shares this imperative mission and strives daily to help our customers become more effective. We recognize the dynamic and often unpredictable operational climate our warfighters face, and we try to adjust our products and services to reflect these real-world scenarios.

Reliable C4ISR Company

We are a proven C4ISR contractor serving both defense and civilian agencies, most notably performing in a SETA capacity. Our expertise—and the experience with which it is applied—create game-changing opportunities for our customers.

Proof of Performance

The proof: highly satisfied customers who trust us time and again with repeat business and recommend us to others in need of our abilities.

  • In the course of 28 years of business, we have delivered 100% of our projects and have been honored with an exceptional contract renewal rate.
  • Recent customer surveys indicate that 100% of Systek’s customers are highly likely to recommend Systek, while 70% have already made a recommendation.

Our Commitment

Systek prides itself on its customer, partner, and employee relationships. We care about our reputation and the strength of our business culture. We aim to provide technical expertise matched with all the intangibles that you want in a business relationship.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

The Systek quality program concentrates on providing customers with exceptional, high quality services. To this end, we employ our resources in an efficient and cost effective manner to provide services that meet or exceed customer requirements. We are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through vigorous innovation and constant improvement of our business processes.  


Systek offers an excellent environment with exceptional colleagues.


Find out why Systek is an expert and reliable project partner.

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