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Business Principles

Our mission is your mission.

Systek’s approach is to internalize your mission and make it our own. By tirelessly following this principle of putting your needs first, our own success will follow.

“Integrity” and “honesty” are more than just words.

Systek takes care to be upstanding in everything that we do, and freedom from organizational conflict of interest is native to how we do business. Our staff is trained to act with ethical standards that exceed the expectations of their profession.

Our excellent reputation is of extreme importance.

A sterling reputation is difficult to restore once tarnished. Accordingly, we work extremely hard to hire the best people and to preserve our reputation by delivering mission satisfaction each and every time—as evidenced by our history of excellent past performance.

We believe that hiring and retaining top-quality people is essential to our success.

Systek strives to hire the best person to meet each customer need. But we also hire top talent, even when a need is not immediately evident. Additionally, we view the professional development of our staff as critical to our success, and we make sure the mechanisms are in place to recognize and promote developing abilities within our growing company.

Our partnerships are win-win, and we deliberately seek effective partner relationships.

We take great care to find and engage in excellent partner relationships that create a win-win scenario for all participating parties. Systek will always be a credit to its partners.

Attentiveness to emerging needs is a way of life for us.

We know that the landscape of our industry is constantly changing, and exploring new ground is a key to helping our customers deliver. Systek is never complacent and is always looking for ways to serve our customers. We proactively identify customer challenges and diligently address those challenges with practical solutions.

Our four-fold promise: right answer, right time, right location, right price.

We evaluate each opportunity to ensure that we are uniquely qualified to address project-related needs. We only bid projects where we know that we can deliver on our four-fold promise to the customer.


Systek offers an excellent environment with exceptional colleagues.


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